Nursery Attendant

Nursery Attendant 

The role of the Nursery Attendant at First United Methodist Church McGregor is to provide a safe environment for our children to enjoy rest, play, and age-appropriate learning activities during our Sunday school and worship hours each week.

The duties include:

1)      Being present each Sunday morning from 9 a.m. to 12 noon.

2)      Meeting Ministry Safe Team requirements for training and continued compliance.

3)      Learning the “Orange” philosophy of doing ministry.

4)      Coordinating with the NEXTGEN Leader on assisting with the children’s Sunday morning education.

5)      Finding creative ways of utilizing the Orange Curriculum with the Children who remain in the nursery during Worship.

6)      Getting to know the parents who utilize our nursery services and decide on the best way to communicate when assistance is needed.

7)      Straightening up the nursery each week before leaving.

8)      Letting the Pastor, NEXTGEN Leader, or Church Administrative Assistant know of any problems that require attention related to the nursery.

9)      Completing appropriate records as required by the Church Administrative Assistant.

10)  Communicating (ASAP) needs to miss work by calling or texting the Pastor.

11)  Considering opportunities for nursery attendant needs by other groups within the church that fall outside the normal Sunday morning schedule.  (e.g. – UMW Christmas Party)