Message from the Pastor

Circles of Care

Do you ever feel like a stranger to your church friends that you use to be so close with?  Are there changes taking place in your life and in your family that are keeping you from participating in the life of the church as you once did?  Are there people that you wonder about who use to be very active with your Sunday school class, choir, men’s, women’s, or youth group that you just don’t see anymore?  Are there people you know that need some attention and encouragement by the church, but just don’t know how to offer them help?  If so, then Circles of Care, is all about you. 

Circles of Care connects people to people, ministries to ministries and missions to missions within our Church family and within our community.  We intend for every person and family who is connected with our congregation to be part of a Circle.  Each Circle will be led by a person in our congregation who has a heart for calling and checking on a few members and friends.  These leaders (Are you one?) will help keep our connection with one another fresh and will help assess where we can offer our missional love towards one another.  The leaders will connect people with needs to teams of people who will provide for those needs.  Are you willing to be a part of leading in this ministry opportunity?  If so, please respond when directed. 

The following have agreed to serve as leaders, so far:

Madison Bishop, Jeff Grieder, Gretta Fisk, Johnny Farmer, Richard Skipper, Nicholas Cantu, and Cameron Tippie.

We would love to have a few more leaders, so anyone who is willing please let me know!

Pastor Joe